About Us

Before we started our farm, we spent over 5 years searching for the best location to grow our coffee. And we spent all that time researching the different varieties of coffee plants because we wanted to produce only the best coffee available. We decided that only 100% organic growing techniques will be used in the production of our coffee.

Over the years our coffee has grown in popularity. Not only do the locals enjoy a fresh cup every day, but restaurants started selling our coffee and that is when we started gaining customers from around the state of Hawaii. During this time we opened our online store where anyone from around the world can purchase and enjoy our coffee. And now that the local supermarkets found out how good our coffee is they are selling it as fast as we can stock the shelves. With all this demand we have had to constantly buy more land and expand our operations. We are one of the larger coffee farms on the Big Island of Hawaii.

It takes many years to start and raise and develop coffee plants to the point of producing a proper bean. And after the beans are harvested there is a tremendously long and tedious process we have to go through just to prepare the beans for roasting. We developed our process with wanting to be all natural and 100% in mind. We use no chemicals in the growing and processing of our beans.

After the beans have been roasted to our specifications, we package them and sell them to the local supermarket chains, restaurants located all over the state of Hawaii and to consumers all over the world!

For over ten years Hawaiian Volcano Coffee has been successfully growing and selling our coffee to the most exotic locations and the most scrutinizing of customers. Over 80% of our customers are repeat customers so you can imagine that our coffee is the best tasting coffee you'll ever try.

In addition to the care given to every step of our process, we are committed to being environmentally aware at our farm. This year, we planted white clover in all of our orchards to help control weeds, as well as to add natural nitrogen back into the soil. We at Hawaiian Volcano Coffee recycle all the pulp and skins from the coffee cherries back into the orchards as a natural fertilizer.

A lot of hard work and diligence has gone into developing and growing Hawaiian Volcano Coffee to what it is today. We believe in growing the finest coffee and never taking any shortcuts. We use only 100% organic fertilizer and process our beans naturally.

So sit down and enjoy the smooth exotic flavor of of our coffee grown on the side of an active volcano!

- Hawaiian Volcano Coffee