Our Customers

Our customers are our most important asset. We have received a lot of praise over the years and we really appreciate it! Here are a few words of praise from those who have enjoyed our coffee over the years. We work hard to make the best coffee possible. And it is you our customers that keeps us striving to make a better cup of coffee!

I LOVE coffee! I don't go a day without at least one cup. I drink my coffee black and I love the flavor of dark roasted coffee. I am a frequent visitor to the Big Island of Hawaii and I always bring home a 6 month supply of coffee grown in Kona.

One day a friend who lives in the Puna on the Big Island recommended that I try Hawaiian Volcano Coffee's dark roast coffee. He said I would never drink anything else after I had some. So I ordered a pound of the dark roast and I have to admit I am hooked! This is the finest cup of coffee I have ever had. The flavor is rich and smooth. Just the way I like it.

Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to produce such a great product! I am a customer for life!

- Dave Brilliant - Kapolei, HI

Ever since my first pound of dark roast beans from Hawaiian Volcano Coffee, I drink it exclusively. And I love receiving compliments about the coffee from friends I share the beans with. I order my coffee direct from Hawaii when I'm down to my last pound and I can always depend on great customer service from Hawaiian Volcano Coffee to deliver my fresh beans before I run out. Doesn't get much better than that in the world of coffee!

- Joe Machnik, Port Orchard, WA

Perhaps that 'well known' coffee place in Seattle could learn a thing or two about how REAL COFFEE should be. I love Hawaiian Volcano Coffee. The taste, the price, the experience of a good cup of coffee

- M Hafferty - Atlanta, GA

I have been drinking Hawaiian Volcano dark roast coffee for several years and I truly believe it is the best coffee on the island. I have been living in Kona for 15 years and I tried all the different Kona coffees but none of them come even close to Hawaiian Volcano Coffee. In addition to the great coffee, I certainly have to salute the owners for their great customer service too!

- J Rabbi- Kona HI

If you have a word or two to say about Hawaiian Volcano Coffee, talk to us. We will be sure to feature your letter here!